It’s Ok to Believe in Myths, 4 Februari 2020
What if everything we believe (and we could only believe) are just myths? Sometimes I think that our imagination of heaven might not real, that equality is never really exist, that we can never eliminate prejudice.
In Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari said that justice, equality, kindness, and all those beautiful concepts are indeed might be only myths. But a country is built by leaders who create a myth to be believed together. And societies are built by groups of people who believe in the same myth. These myths become their guidance to live side by side peacefully despite all the differences.
In our life, we may believe some myths that help us survive, before come the time to accept reality. I believe in karma in heaven. That every kindness has it’s rewards. That every bad did has it’s punishment. So I don’t need to feel miserable for the bad things people did to me.
It might be just a myth. But let me just believe it :)
And by the time I’m writing this, my son said: “I believe in myth too. That you’ll never die.”
After all, at least he, and we, know that it’s just a myth. Myth that we choose to believe to survive.